What is Speech & Drama?

This is a weekly class to introduce students to all aspects of Speech and Drama, to develop creativity, build confidence, and enhance the technique of public performance. We all develop at various rates and with this in mind we aim to hone and develop the skills of every student at an optimal pace to suit their emotional and developmental well-being.

Classes focus on acting, improvisation, role play, characterisation, effective communication, theatre games, mime, puppetry, public speaking, speech work, storytelling and much more.

Our classes equip each student with many important tools to help them achieve their full potential which will support them throughout their lives. While learning a range of techniques, students develop their personality, learn to work in a team, interact with peers, make decisions and most importantly have fun.

What are the benefits of speech & drama for my child?

Increases Self-Confidence

We create a safe environment for students to express themselves without feeling judged, building their confidence and developing new skills.

Inspires and Unlocks Creativity & Imagination

By encouraging the student to think outside the box, we analyse how to look at situations from all points of view.

Develops Interpersonal Skills

Both verbal & non-verbal communication, teamwork, conflict resolution and active listening is focused on.

Use of Positive Body Language

We create a safe environment for students to express themselves without feeling judged, building their confidence and developing new skills.

Clear, Expressive Articulate Speech

We use a variety of speech exercises and theatre games to work on the voice.

Practise Empathy & Respect

We encourage the process of discussion, brainstorming, making choices and negotiating to stimulate the student to develop a greater empathy with people they meet in their daily lives.

Our Speech & Drama Classes

With almost 30 years of experience, Eileen Fitzgerald teaches a wide range of acting and speech classes. Classes are offered for beginners, children, teenagers and adults focusing on developing public speaking skills, and performance technique training.

Our class schedules are based on our locations and age groups.

Barefield National School Schedule

Age Group Day & Time
4 - 6 yrs Tuesday
6 - 7 yrs Monday
7 - 8 yrs Tuesday
8 - 10 yrs Tuesday
10 - 12 yrs Tuesday

Clarecastle National School Schedule

Age Group Day & Time
Junior Age Mix Thursday
Junior Age Mix Thursday
Junior Age Mix Thursday

Burns Study Center Schedule

Age Group Day & Time
Senior Age Mix Monday
Junior Age Mix (3rd - 6th class) Monday
Senior Age Mix Monday

See the different programs in place for our students.

Junior & Senior Infant Activities

  • Fostering a love and enjoyment in the spoken word
  • Developing the ability to express themselves clearly while improving memorisation and recall
  • Building self-confidence through theatre games
  • Developing skills in voice and diction
  • Storytelling through acting and puppetry
  • Learning to work as part of a group
  • Show & Tell, an introduction to speaking before a group

Junior Activities

  • Poetry and the spoken word
  • Voice work & speech exercises concentrating on clarity, diction, audibility and expression
  • Drama and devising a character
  • Monologue and duologue work
  • Mime and movement
  • Public speaking and learning how to present to an audience
  • Characterisation and improvisation
  • Sight-reading

Senior Activities

Theses classes are designed to develop you physically, vocally and imaginatively whilst encouraging an independent and in-depth approach to the work.
  • Acting; to perform with fluency, focus and naturalness; using the acting space appropriately; use of gesture; developing a character.
  • Further development of vocal work and modulation
  • Performance/audition technique
  • Mime and movement
  • Sight-reading and prose reading
  • Shakespeare, an introduction to his plays and sonnets
  • Poetry appreciation and verse speaking
  • Improvisation and scene building,
  • Public speaking and presentations

Yearly Planner

There are multiple events throughout the year that our students can get involved in through our school!

October | Cratloe Speechfest

A one-day festival for primary school children where they can partake in events that will enhance their language and creative skills. "A speech festival for primary school to encourage clear, expressive speaking, develop creativity and enhance communication skills"

January & February | Feile Luimnigh

Feile Luimnigh is an annual Arts & Culture festival based in Limerick. A variety of cultural events are held in celebration of the arts, including the arts of speech & drama. Competitions are adjudicated by established professionals in industry and students can receive feedback through competing in many of the competition categories on offer for all age groups, both children and adults!

March & April | Irish Board Examinations

The Irish Board of Speech & Drama are the favoured body in Ireland for speech & drama examinations. Each grade has a structured syllabus and includes elements of performance and theory.

April | End of Year Showcase

Each year, all pupils in each class work on a special group piece to showcase, along with their individual performances!

Coming Autumn 2021: Public Speaking

Would you like to improve your communication skills and deliver a more effective message to your audience?
This is a four week course available for small groups or one to one sessions:
Small groups of four in a 45 minutes class over four weeks - €160 || One-to-one 30 minutes class over four weeks - €320
Room or Zoom available

Public Speaking

  • Engaging an audience
  • Vocal techniques including clarity
  • Projection and pacing
  • Effective communication
  • Speech exercises
  • Speech preparation and delivery technique

Due to Covid-19 restrictions please note these times and venues may be subject to change. In case of further lockdowns, classes will go online.